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Wash Rack Recycling Systems - Repairs and Renovations

ESI has been contracted to repair, renovate, and replace wash rack recycling systems throughout the nation. As we repair and replace wash rack recycling systems around the country we hear the same story:

"Our system never worked after the first year." or "We can never get anyone out here to service it." or "It hasn't worked since I've been here."

The problem is that the standard in the wash rack industry is building systems that cannot handle the volume or effluent that is produced by a military or industrial wash rack. If your current systems has swimming pool valves, pumps, motors, and filters like these, you are probably experiencing the same issues - and you probably paid too much for it.

The filter on the left states right on the sticker "for fresh water pools only." Below, ESI replaces inadequate, broken parts with industrial rated components. Click on the photos for larger views.

ESI manufactured wash rack recycling systems use only industrial-rated components.