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Wash Rack Recycling Systems
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Industrial Rated Wash Rack Recycling Systems

ESI AnJan Wash Rack Recycling Systems are specialized for military and industrial applications. Unlike most other systems, ESI does not use components such as valves, pumps, and filters designed for swimming pool filtration systems. All our components are industrial-rated. We use only million-plus cycle valves and non-emulsfying pumps.

One-pass filtration ensures long life of our systems. While other manufacturers' systems are required to run nearly 24/7, constantly moving water from tank to tank, our systems run only when in use and only when required to freshen cleaned water.

ESI specializes in replacing inoperable systems for the military. We are often contracted to repair, renovate, or replace systems that have frustrated our customers with a majority of downtime, or rarely work after installation. AnJan Wash Rack Recycling Systems run on and average of 99% up time and most malfunctions are repaired within hours with Remote Monitoring.

Remote Monitoring Saves Money and Uptime

Only ESI offers complete Remote Monitoring of wash rack recycling systems. All functions of the system can be viewed and controlled via the Internet by ESI or customer-designated personnel. View our Remote Monitoring Site to learn about all the functions of this innovative technology.

Wash Rack Preventative Maintenance Services

ESI performs Preventative Maintenance and Inspection Service (PMIS) for numerous military facilities and installations throughout the country. Our services are comprehensive and complete. Regardless of the amount of time it takes to keep the systems working in optimal order, ESI personnel are trained to perform maintenance and repairs on our systems and those of other manufacturers.

Our contracts include inspections as often as required by the customer and the volume of use. Whether monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, or on an emergency basis, our qualified service technicians.


Only industrial rated components are used in ESI systems.
AnJan Wash Rack Recycling Systems provide continual clean water to pressure washers without 24/7 cycling.