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Wash Rack Recycling Systems - Preventative Maintenance and Inspection Services

Preventative Maintenance and Inspection Services

Enviremedial Services provides complete Preventative Maintenance and Inspection Services (PMIS) on all systems we manufacture and install, and on those of other manufacturers.

Our PMIS are very comprehensive. We first meet with the point of contact at the site and determine what, if any, issues have arising since the last service. The system is then inspected component by component, part by part. Every functioning part is tested and hoses, piping, tanks, etc. are inspected for leaks or normal wear. All mechanical parts requiring lubrication or oil are serviced and pressure washers are run.

View a sample report showing the exhaustive 132-Point Maintenance and Inspection Services that are performed at each site visit. Depending upon the use of the system, PM services are scheduled monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.