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Wash Rack Recycling Systems - Case Studies
Marine Forces Reserves (MARFORRES) Reserve Center Wash Rack Renovations

The US Army Crops of Engineers has contracted ESI to provide renovations to multiple MCRC wash racks throughout the country. Initally, ESI's contract was to provide preventative maintenance and inspection services to the MCRC Units. Once most of the wash racks were found to inoperable or malfunctioning, the Government contracted ESI to perform major renovations to each system. In a cost saving move, ESI is able to retain as much of the original system as possible including frames and tanks. The original systems utilized under rated parts such as landscape piping and swimming pool pumps, filters, and valves. Replacement components are all industrial rated and appropriate for military wash operations.

ESI's renovation program has been extremely successful and the contract has been expanded to include other MCRC sites.

MCRC Galveston Control Panel and Remote Monitoring Newly Installed Oil Water Separator
USMC Camp Pendleton 11th Marines Regimental Maintenance Wash Rack

ESI has provided the Marines at Camp Pendleton with an eight station wash rack recycling system as part of the major renovations which took place in 2008 at the 11th Marines Regimental Maintenance Facility. The system is utilized on a continual basis recycling over 35,000 gallons of water in just the first month.

With two wash pads, wash operators are use six high pressure wash stations and two high flow demucking stations,

Wash Pad, Sediment Pit, and Recycling System Building
Interior of Wash Rack Recycling System
High Flow Hoses for Demucking System
Remote Monitoring Saves Equipment at MCRC Brooklyn, NY

ESI employees received an alarm via the Remote Telemetry System installed in the Wash Rack Recycling System at Marine Corps Reserve Center, Brooklyn NY. This alarm was triggered once the internal temperature of the container went below a preset parameter.

From nearly 3,000 miles away, ESI personnel called the POC's at the Marine Corps Reserve Center to inform them that possibly the door of the system container was left open. After inspecting the container, the POC determined the door was ajar and let in below freezing air. Because of the Remote Telemetry and ESI's quick warning to Unit personnel, thousands of dollars of equipment was saved from freeze damage.

Below are the reports that ESI received via the Internet. The Summary shows the Low Alarm at the Inside Temperature parameter, and the Graph details the drop in Inside Container temperature, and pH Temperature during the time the door was open. Once the door was closed, the system heat took the inside temperature up to operable levels.

Click to View the System Summary Report and Temperature Parameters