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Recent Projects:

Wash Rack Recycling System at MCRC Windy Hill, GA

Recent Projects:

Assault Amphibious Schools MCB Camp Pendleton 20 Bay Wash Rack

MCRC Windy Hill Wash Rack

MCRC Camp Lejeune GSRA Wash Rack

NCBC Gulfport MS Oil / Water Separator Servicing

Marine Forces Reserves Central Region Facilities Maintenance


Enviremedial Services has been contracted under it's second US Army Corps of Engineers contract to deliver wash rack and recycling system renovations and new system installations to various Marine Corps Reserve Center sites located throughout the United States.

This contract is comprised of 14 MCRC sites, including Company B, 4th Reconnaissance Battalion, Windy Hill GA. Marine Reservists at this site train with vehicles ranging from HUMVEE's to large tanks. Training occurs on off-road surfaces wherein the vehicles collect large amounts of mud, dirt, and debris. Company B, 4th Recon conducts amphibious reconnaissance, ground reconnaissance, and surveillance.

ESI installed an AnJan 30-50 Wash Rack Recycling System with both high pressure and high volume hoses, nozzles and wands. For heavy solids removal, the high volume hoses provide the Unit with high flow to quickly remove large solids. More detailed washing is accomplished with the high pressure hose and wands. The high pressure system provides heated water which allows the Unit to wash and degrease without the need for soaps, detergents, and degreasers. This ability to clean without detergents allows the Unit to meet the new environmental vehicle wash operating procedures of the military.

As will all systems ESI installs, MCRC Windy Hill is equipped with our proprietary Remote Telemetry System. All functions of the system from water usage, to tank levels, to temperature is monitored 24/7 via the Internet. If any parameter is outside of normal operating range, ESI technicians receive an immediate email and can oftentimes repair the function via the Internet. This feature saves AAS service calls and, more importantly, it saves downtime of the wash rack. Other functions monitored by the Remote Monitoring are pH, system air pressure, collected oil levels, vessel pressure and flow rates, backwash cycles, CPU status, and cellular signal status. The Remote Monitoring data is logged in 15-second increments and can be used for graphing and trending. This is very helpful to the Unit in their environmental reporting and to view the wash rack system usage.

Since it's installation, the wash rack and recycling system at MCRC Windy Hill GA has operated continuously with no downtime to the Unit.








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