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Oil Water Separator and Grease Trap Service NCBC Gulfport, MS

Recent Projects:

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NCBC Gulfport MS Oil / Water Separator Servicing

Marine Forces Reserves Central Region Facilities Maintenance


Enviremedial Services has been contracted under an 8A partner to perform Oil/Water Separator effluent recycling and Grease Trap service for the Naval Construction Battalion Center in Gulfport, MS.

Under the contract, ESI provides quarterly servicing of the OWS and semi-annual servicing of the grease traps. ESI is also provides data collection and reporting and is available on-call for any needed emergency situations.

The Base maintains nine oil water separators and sediment pits ranging in size from 250 gallons to several at 2,000 gallons. The six grease traps range in size from 30 gallons to 35,000 gallons.

Unlike previous services at the Base, ESI performs it's proprietary recycling process during the services of the Oil Water Separators and Sediment Pits. Oil and fuel are skimmed off the service of the OWS and pits and drummed for the Base recycling program. Water is pumped from the systems though and ESI Transportable Treatment Unit (TTU). This water passes through several stages of filtration and cleaning and is temporarily stored at the OWS site. The sediment remaining in the bottom of the separator is then removed and transported to an onsite holding area. The separator and/or pit is then pressure washed to a clean and dirt-free condition. Process water held onsite is then returned to the OWS for operational levels. Sediment at the holding area is manifested off the Base.

Previous to ESI services, all effluent from the separators and pits including the water and fuels were manifested off the Base. Calculations from the initial servicing of the OWS systems at NCBC Gulfport show a 62.7% waste minimization versus hauling all the effluent off Base.

The first removal of effluent and cleaning of the Base grease traps netted over 23,000 gallons.








NCBC Gulfport OWS Cleaning