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Oil Water Separator Management: Performance Report


The Performance Report above is the last page of a multi-page report detailing our OWS Management Services at USMC Camp Pendleton. A Performance Report is issued to every ESI customer at the end of each month, or as often as requested.

The report defines the disposition of all the effluent of the OWS including the total volume by both gallons and pounds, and the amount of water and sediment cleaned. We also indicate the amount of sediment, if any was wasted or returned to the facility 90-day yard. Recycled oil and fuel is also calculated and delivered to the facility recycling yard.

Just by viewing our reports, our customers can see their Waste Minimization via their OWS Management process. Our reports generally show 85% to 99% waste minimization.

Previous to our OWS contract, all the effluent from Camp Pendleton OWS was hauled off base - In the nearly 8 years of our contract that's a total volume of over 2.6 million gallons and 22.5 million pounds.

Our Water Cleaned calculations show customers how much water was process through our mobile recycling units. Because this water is returned to the OWS, fresh city water is not required to keep the OWS at operational levels. Therefore, for each gallon we recycle, two gallons of water are saved: the gallon of dirty water not hauled off base and the gallon of city water not required for OWS refill.

These reports have helped several of our clients reduce their state Hazardous Waste Generator Status from large to small, saving state taxes.