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Oil Water Separator Management: Case Studies
Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

Enviremedial Services Inc. was awarded the Oil Water Separator Management Services Contract on Marine Corps Camp Pendleton after several demonstrations to high-level military, environmental and contracting officials at the Base showing our unique management service to recycle the effluents from their many oil water separators.

Previous to our contract, the Base used the traditional method of pumping out all the water, oil and sediment from the oil water separators and having 100% of that waste hauled away, oftentimes as hazardous waste. Base officials were impressed with our demonstrations and also impressed that during the first year of our contract OWS, being 87% of total waste removed from the base, was reduced by 97.6%. Annually, we typically save Camp Pendleton up to 99% of the waste from oil water separators that they previously had hauled off their base. As well, our system saves two gallons of water for every gallon we process. In order for the separators to function properly, the dirty water must be removed and the separator refilled with clean water to a minimum of 85% total capacity. Our system cleans the dirty water and returns it to the separator. This not only saves the Base the cost of hauling off the dirty water, but also the cost of refilling the separator with clean, municipal water.

From 1999 to today, Camp Pendleton MCB has saved over 4.7 million gallons of water, with 99.1% waste minimization, versus basic pump and dump services.

ESI currently manages 80 separators on Camp Pendleton. Our pricing structure was developed to ensure savings to the Base over their traditional method of pumping and hauling the waste. By calculating the typical price per pound to haul off the waste, we were able to develop a pricing structure for them that saved them substantial amounts annually. Our management services include complete management of the oil water separators. Through our services, the customerís equipment is inspected and continually remains in top working order.

In order guarantee the base meeting it's OWS budget, ESI evaluates the contract an presents a firm, fixed price for the term of the contract. Our customers agree that it is beneficial to them to have the management services take complete care of their equipment and allow them to know that their prices will be fixed over the life of the contract without surprises to their budget.

On Camp Pendleton, our pricing for servicing the 80 oil water separators has saved the government about 40% over traditional methods.

The personnel at Camp Pendleton have been very satisfied with the services our management contract offers them beyond the traditional method of hauling off waste. If there are any problems with their oil water separators, they can call us directly and those problems are fixed, generally within 24 hours. Each oil water separator is inspected quarterly to determine the need for cleaning. Whether the separator needs to be cleaned once a month or once a year, the personnel at the Base know that the management of the separators is ESIís responsibility. ESI continually receives high ratings from our customers at Camp Pendleton. The Base has also won several Government and environmental awards based on our services.