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Facilities Maintenance



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US Army Crops Of Engineers

NVAFC Mid-Atlantic

NAVFAC Southwest

Defense Logistics Agency

MCB Camp Pendleton Contracting

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ESI Maintains a Small Business Status


Ability to Self Perform

While we are not resistant to using professionals outside our staff, our philosophy has always been to self-perform as much of the work as possible. We believe that this leads to better service to our customers and also holds everyone on our tem to a higher level of accountability. Our customers benefit from this ideal with decreased response times, fewer points of contact and personalized relationships that can only be built over time and experience. We employ experts in all areas of our core competencies from HVAC processionals to waste water treatment experts. Our goal is to increase service to our customers while decreasing the channels of communication they must navigate.

Facilities / Property Maintenance:
ESI delivers full service building and facilities maintenance for the US Military including entire building maintenance, custodial, grounds maintenance, pest control, and integrated waste management throughout the US including Puerto Rico. Our current and past performance includes facilities maintenance on over 70 military installations with over 200 buildings from small hazmat lockers to the 450,000 s.f. Marine Forces Reserve Headquarters. Our scope of services includes all HVAC maintenance and repair, interior and exterior lighting systems, building structure, fire protection, plumbing systems, etc.

Building Automation Systems (BAS):
ESI’s BAS Division performs full DDC installation and Repair/Replacement of mechanical equipment including chillers and boilers. We design, program, install, configure, and commission building automation systems with a precise combination of resources such as equipment, software, and staffing. Our BAS Installations offer 24/7 remote monitoring either by our office or the customer. This allows for the highest level of energy conservation and extension of equipment life. We provide all HVAC mechanical work in-house.

Along with building structural / architectural, grounds maintenance, and landscaping, the building systems we maintain and repair include:

  • HVAC and Refrigeration Systems  

  • Furnaces  

  • Exhaust and Transfer Fans  

  • Fan Coils and Unit Heaters  

  • Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners  

  • Rooftop Units

  • Variable Air Volume / Other Boxes  

  • HVAC Water Distribution Systems  

  • Humidifier Mini-Splits  

  • HVAC Control Systems  

  • Thermostats  

  • Security Systems and Equipment

  • Boilers and UPVs  

  • Compressed Air Systems

  • Emergency Generator Systems  

  • Refrigerators/ Freezers /Ice Makers

  • Kitchen Type Equipment

  • Weight Handling Equipment (WHE)  

  • Plumbing Fixtures  

  • Water Heaters  

  • Circulating Pumps  

  • Backflow Prevention Devices  

  • Thermostatic Mixing Valves  

  • Sump Pumps  

  • Water Tower Tanks  

  • Roof Drains/Gutters  

  • Fire Protection Systems   

  • Fire Alarm Systems

  • Fire Suppression Systems  

  • Mass Notification Boards  

  • Fire Alarm Panel Boards  

  • Kitchen Hoods and Ducts  

  • Smoke Detectors  

  • Carbon Monoxide Sensors  

  • Elevator Systems  

  • Lightning and Grounding Devices

  • Vehicle Exhaust Systems  

  • Automated Key Control Systems  

  • Private Vehicle Parking Area Lights  

  • Military Equipment Parking Lights  

  • Emergency Light Wall Packs  

  • Emergency Exit Signs  

  • Grease Traps  

  • Gates  

  • Fences  

  • Oil Water Separators  

  • Overhead Doors

  • Automated Access Control Systems  

  • Exterior Lighting Photocell Contactors and Time Clocks  

  • Vault Doors

  • Interior Roll-up Doors